Thank you for checking out Vidify!

We really appreciate your comments and feedback.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or specific issues you would like help with. Here are some common questions answered regarding using Vidify - Instant Video Maker.

Uploading to Facebook - Uploading to Facebook can sometimes take a while. This is a Facebook issue, not an issue with Vidify. Please be patient and wait before re-posting your video. You will find uploading to YouTube is generally faster.

Location Services - Make sure to allow Vidify to use location services upon installation in order for Vidify to work properly. Some users believe that by turning on location services for an app allows the app to get information about where they are. In fact, Apple requires all apps that access the camera roll to use this feature.

Emailing Large Files - Videos are big files, and email attachments for most email accounts have a file size limit of roughly 10 megs.  Emailing short videos (less than a minute and a half) at medium resolution will work, but, hi-resolution and longer videos will not be able to be emailed (Vidify will automatically reduce the file size by limiting the length of the video).  For longer videos and Hi resolution videos, we recommend that you upload to YouTube or download to your computer (through iTunes, image capture, etc.).

Deleting Videos - Videos can be deleted from your camera roll.  Vidify writes all created videos to the camera roll for ease of use and so you can access them from multiple locations without having to export them from the app.

Restarting Vidify - Vidify is extremely stable. We have worked very hard to fix any issues that might cause the app to crash. That said, we never know what other processes may be working on your device while you are using Vidify, and inevitably, the app might freeze up now and again (like most apps).  If this happens simply kill the Vidify process and restart the app.

  1. 1.Click once on your device’s physical home button to leave the app and go to your desktop (springboard).

  2. 2.Click twice on the home button to access all your open apps (located on the bottom of your screen).

  3. 3.Hold down on the Vidify icon for 2 seconds (the one at the bottom not the one on your desktop).

  4. 4.Press the X on the top left corner, then, double click the home button and restart the app.

Privacy Policy - You may view our privacy policy here.

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